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Fantastic Man


Fantastic Man is the solo project by Melbourne artist Mic Newman. First making an appearance in 2011 as a tongue-in-cheek alias for edits, today Fantastic Man’s musical profile has evolved into something far more difficult to pin down.

Following a string of releases, which began with London’s Wolf Music and New York’s Let’s Play House, to his more recent outings on Berlin’s Love on The Rocks and his own Superconscious Records. Fantastic Man has crafted a steady stream of blissfully eclectic, sought-after releases and remixes, best known for their imaginative melodic themes and entrancing rhythms. His productions have featured on many coveted compilations such as DJ Kicks and have landed in countless record bags along the way.

As a DJ, Fantastic Man is known for his expansive selections, from Ambient New-Age trips to Tribal Acid extravaganzas, all of which have earned him bookings at some of the world’s best known clubs and festivals, while remaining a stalwart in his hometown of Melbourne.

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