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Nite Fleit


Having recently returned to her hometown of Melbourne from Sydney, DJ and Producer Nite Fleit has quickly cultivated a distinctive sound of her own in the local scene, one that is suspended between industrial techno, acid and house, yet drifting into aesthetics she finds too difficult to categorise with words.

Since departing the duo and party series Lady Shave, her obsessive DJ practice and insatiable appetite for records has seen Nite Fleit quickly soar towards prominence via her own production, releasing remixes through Multi Culti and Neat Lawn for Xanga, Huntly and Rainbow Chan, while teaming up with Ryan Powderly of Pelvis for her production debut on Plastic World's all-Australian compilation. Nite Fleit is easily one of Australia's most promising talents, so expect her to deliver once again at Let Them Eat Cake.

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