Stephan Bodzin (Live) Stephan Bodzin (Live)

Stephan Bodzin (Live)


Stephan Bodzin has been a hugely influential figure within the global techno scene for years. The reason the German has endured where many had fallen by the wayside is because of his devotion to authenticity; “without it, everything would appear to be nothing more than a hollow shell”, says Bodzin.

His productions are driving and hypnotic with a very real and memorable sense of melody that stays with the listener.

In the club, he’s both a story telling DJ and an impressive live specialist who creates mesmerising, high impact soundtracks on the fly. Across all continents there is barely a club or festival worth its salt that he hasn’t headlined, and now, as arguably the biggest name on the bill, and coming in hot as one of Resident Advisor's 2016 Top 3 Live acts, the techno pioneer is set to unleash on Let Them Eat Cake festival in a long overdue perfomance.