Syntax/Semantics Syntax/Semantics



High tempo pop music producer Syntax Semantics AKA S.A.S is carving her way through the electronic scene as a new kid on the block. Set to shake things up in 2017 with the release of her debut EP 'S.A.S AndHerTechnoColourDreamcoat'and her first single and video clip, S.A.S is about to solidify herself as a strong player among Australia's femaleproducers. Performing on stages since the age of 13, S.A.S has already racked up a lifetime of experience in different genres (most recently Pow Pow Kids & Bonnie Doom). Inspired by song craftsmanship, pop hooks and consistent d-floor boogie feels - one might draw reference to M.I.A, Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga, Blood Orange, Technotronic, Confidence Man or even Salt N Pepa. Either way you're guaranteed a non-stop dance beat & good vibes to completely original material all produced and written by S.A.S