The Gaslamp Killer The Gaslamp Killer

The Gaslamp Killer


The Gaslamp Killer is the assassin and the antidote. His nickname wasn’t conceived out of thin air. William Bensussen is entitlement’s worst nightmare. His DJ sets bludgeon the basic shit, restoring music to a sacred place: shamanistic, visceral, honest, leaving pupils dilated and heads rolling. If you’re searching for sound as pure voltage, the Gaslamp Killer is the generator. If you’ve caught one of his sets all across the world, you understand. He’s survived tragedies and near-death sagas, overcome myriad obstacles and psychological odysseys. He is meditative and spiritual, peaceful but vicious, snarling but thoughtful. He’s the wrong motherfucker to cross, but the right one to follow. Bang your head and bow down, Let Them Eat Cake just got a whole lot gnarlier.